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The Team

We specialize in working with high-net-worth clientele that include business owners, executives and celebrities all seeking personalized, elevated and luxury travel experiences. Our team is ready to work around the clock to make your experience perfect.


Lisa Cohen

Chief Executive Officer & Luxury Travel Consultant

Lisa has over 30 years in the travel industry, creating expertly tailored experiences for her ultra-high-end clientele. She has built an extensive and unrivaled network of the industry’s most influential leaders and organizations - culminating in unrivaled preferential treatment and access for her VIP clients. Lisa's success is based on her unparalleled service, personalized care, and meticulous attention to detail - she has a vested interest in the level of care her clients receive. She founded LC Luxe to continue to refine, and ultimately define, the travel world.


Victoria Hilley

Luxury Travel Consultant

The child of American diplomats, Victoria was born in Lebanon and travel quickly became a way of life. She has traveled and lived extensively oversees - covering over 100 countries on six continents. Her primary expertise is on continental Asia - where she lived for over 25+ years. She has focused on high-end luxury but also on intrepid and off-the-beaten-path adventures, making her well-versed in all levels of travel. 


Alexa Kossoy

VP, Travel Advisory

Graduating from Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration with a major in Hospitality Administration and an insatiable interest in food and travel, Alexa is enamored by the experience of exploration. Alexa’s deep passion for providing seamless and memorable travel experiences is what brought her into the industry.


Jen Grama

VP, Operations

After more than a decade in the travel industry, Jen has become an expert in optimizing the performance and productivity of the LC Luxe team. She oversees the details of every journey, ensuring that the client experience is seamless. She has a love for travel – particularly for exploring the United States. 


Bradley Scharf

VP, Technology

Bradley approaches challenges by combining his analytical skills with extensive professional experience in the hospitality industry. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Information from the University of Michigan, he is currently pursuing a Masters of Management in Hospitality with a minor in Real Estate from Cornell University.


Maryann Cuomo

VP, Ticketing

Maryann has been an integral part of Lisa’s team for over 25 years. She is an airline ticketing and Worldspan expert extraordinaire and goes above and beyond for clients to ensure that air travel can be optimized for every journey. She also handles group and corporate ticketing. Flights are her passion.


Jen Yellin


Jen’s love for travel brought her into the industry. Through her availability in answering requests, Jen spends a significant amount of time working to understand what clients truly need.


Marla Kaminsky

Travel Advisor

Marla has always loved researching the newest places to travel and the best places to stay. She in turn passes this knowledge onto the client. Her "finger on the pulse" of the industry ensures that LC Luxe's client base has the up-to-date knowledge about their travel destinations.

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